More About Me

I’m a 4th generation Montanan and love that I get to live and work in my hometown of Missoula.  My number one priority is always my client’s best interest and I take pride in providing exceptional service, ensuring the buying and selling process is as smooth and seamless as possible.  I began my real estate career in 2007 as an assistant and was fortunate to have the opportunity to work alongside three successful agents for nearly six years before going out on my own.  Throughout my career I’ve gained the knowledge and expertise my clients need to be competitive in our current market.  

A few fun facts about me:

    • Yes, I was named after the Fleetwood Mac song.

    • My husband and I are huckleberry hoarders.  We are obsessive with picking them, we only eat them on rare/special occasions, and we have a freezer full of them.  Everything in our freezer smells like huckleberries.

    • I have completed a handful of half marathons, including one with a 2,700 ft elevation gain, but I’ve never considered myself to be a runner.

    • I completed a sprint distance triathlon in Seeley Lake in 2008, a few months after reading that only 1% of people will ever compete in a triathlon. This was before I started "running" half marathons, I'm fairly certain that I couldn't even run a mile at that time.  I hadn't swam or ridden a bike since I was a kid, so I bought a book and learned from there.

    • I once swam with over 30 sharks in Hawaii so my friend could check it off her bucket list (don’t most people choose dolphins?). We went with the cage free option, it ended up being an incredible experience.

    • My husband Shane and I were married on the island of St. Lucia on 12-12-02 at 12 pm. The resort picked the date, we picked the time.

    • I’ve jumped off the top of the Stratosphere, but never out of a plane.

    • I’m super grateful that I’ve had the opportunity to visit 11 countries outside the US and have only ever lived in Montana and Kauai (for 2 ½ wonderful years).

    • At the age of 40 I went on my longest day hike ever (13.8 miles), with my highest elevation gain (over 3,500 feet), and I did it solo.